Our mission is to ensure that your special needs child is securely and supportively transported from their home base to school.

We Solve the Transportation problems so you dont have to.

Charlene decided to start Home Base Transportation because she saw a significant need in the industry. Having worked in the transportation field for nearly a decade, she knows the business in and out. She wants to build a higher standard for safety, ethics, and diversity. Home Base Transportation is here to make sure your loved ones are taken care of, by people who care.

Transportation Service we offer:

  • Transportation to after school programs for underprivileged populations
  • Special needs transportation for children
  • Homeless youth transportation
  • Out/ In district transportation for students

Future Services:

  • Seniors – transportation to medical appointments, groceries or errands.
  • Programs for special needs adults
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Community Mental Health clinics

How are we different?

A lot of transportation companies utilize simple systems and processes to support their students and schools. Home Base Transportation doesn’t settle for simple.

We utilize complex routing softwares that include app access for parents, Drivers, and Schools.

We provide scannable attendance cards as of March 1st, 2023 for each student, to make sure we have accurate attendance records.

Safety and security are everything at Home Base Transportation. Each vehicle is equipped with Location Tracking, Dual interior cameras, Panic buttons.

Our goal is to exceed expectations by creating transparency and providing advanced systems for safety. We want to make transportation better.

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